In September of 1998,
Dissentia presented its inaugural show
at Rogue's Gallery in Philadelphia

we never titled the show,
but we refer to it as the figurative show

In this World of ever changing technology, we have chosen to present to you a decidedly low tech show. We as a group understand and work with the technology of today but we believe there is a virtue in the craft of older less common processes. As industry and education continue the relentless march to better films, digital imaging and more efficient printing we should remember what we learned along the way. Pinholes, woodcuts, gum bichromate, linotypes, silver gelatin, silk-screens, SX70...... there are so many ways to create an image each with their own merits. These older processes have a strange mystique to them, they are fascinatingly complex yet strikingly simple.

The figurative show included work by

Chris Wilson Nick Cassway Tom Mazzullo Kate Marlowe
Michael McCarthy Dana Leight Anne Weiss  

images from the show