Thomas Mazzullo  

"Self-Portrait", Color Linocut, 10"x 11",
© 1997 Tom Mazzullo
"Ayesha", woodcut,12"x11",
© 1996 Tom Mazzullo
Thomas is an accomplished printmaker with a Masters degree from Syracuse University. While an undergraduate at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, he spent a year in Italy absorbing the Renaissance imagery which he adapted to his own sense of style and form. His meticulously tight studies of flora and fauna demand close inspection, while his humorous and sometimes disturbing character studies shed new light on cultural icons. His work is inspired by Renaissance printmaking, but with a decidedly American frankness. Much of his imagery begins with research into folklore and iconography, and grows with observation of the natural world; a finished piece is a synthesis of history, idealism, metaphor, and realism. Working in a style reminiscent of 16th and 17th century graphic art, all of Thomas' work begins with life drawing, finding subjects in the people and objects around him. He often borrows subjects from Netherlandish art, looking toward masters like Albrecht Dürer and Hendrick Goltzius for inspiration and guidance. His recent work is comprised of portraits in black and white linoleum cut, with the subject embellished by mythological or fantastic imagery. His series "The Archetypes of Mythology," features portraits of friends as icons of religious history. It is a synthesis of history, idealism, metaphor and realism, and it explores links between cultural icons, finding inspiration in the faces of people around him. Thomas continues to explore the iconography inherent in portraiture, probing deeper into the rich metaphor of expression and characterization. Thomas has shown his prints and drawings all over the country, frequently winning acceptance into national print competitions and annual exhibitions. His work is part of the Syracuse University Art Collection, as well as many private print collections throughout the U.S. Recently, he has had two prints selected for the 26th Bradley National Print and Drawing Competition at Bradley University, and he has shown at both the Halpert Biennial Juried Competition in North Carolina and at the 19th National Print Exhibition at The Print Club of Albany in New York. Thomas lives and works in Clinton, New York, where he maintains a studio and teaches drawing at Hamilton College.
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