Nick Cassway  

The Creeps Make a Convincing Argument "The Creeps Make a Convincing Argument"
Enamel Paint on Paper
© Nick Cassway 1998
Walking and Falling "Walking and Falling"
Ink, Gesso and Charcoal on Paper
© Nick Cassway 1998
Handoff "Handoff"
Lacquer and Silkscreen
© Nick Cassway 1998
The concept of interference is one which is informing my work these days. I find my self, not necessarily focusing on many things at once, but thinking of one and paying attention to other thoughts that are in my head. Somehow, whatever action or thought i am trying to conjure gets completed, yet there is a history of other things that have happened along the wayside. A pure moment of focus is rare and is cherished. In my artwork I use this interference to develop compositions. Through layering, overdrawing and mixed media, I feel i acheive a picture that represents the history of the thought process. There may be one main action or composition represented in the final piece, but underliying and interfering with it are other images that may or may not have a logical conection to it, yet exist because they were moments that helped develop the drawing. 

I work in printmaking mediums (screenprint, lithograph, woodcut), which allows me to take drawings and quickly transform them into repeatable images which can then be overlapped and printed on other materials. 

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