treasure hunt

In the streets of Old City, Philadelphia, P.A.
Dissentia Curatorial Services will make art go away
hidden in shops and alleys, in restaurants too
finding twenty pieces of art is all up to you

Ahoy maties! Dissentia Curatorial Services presented Treasure Hunt on Friday, October 5th, 2001. 20 artists work was hidden in old city and cluesheets with clues written in rhyme were handed out to the First Friday public.

some links below for your enjoyment!

the cluesheet locations press
media attention scenes from the opening
click here to download the clues for Treasure Hunt where was the art hidden? see what we sent to the media yes, we are attention seeking, blood thirsty publicity hounds check out us, dressed as pirates, aaarrrggghhhh!
check out this documentation of
Co-curator Chris Wilson getting busted by the cops (he only got a warning though)