treasure hunt
press release

Dissentia Curatorial Services presents “Treasure Hunt” opening Friday, October 5th and lasting through the entirety of the month.

In the streets of Old City, Philadelphia, P.A.
Dissentia Curatorial Services will make art go away
hidden in shops and alleys, in restaurants too
finding twenty pieces of art is all up to you

At the beginning of the month of October 2001 Dissentia Curatorial Services will conceal 20 pieces of art amidst the streets of Olde City, Philadelphia. The artwork will be put in places not normally reserved for art: alleyways, sidewalks, bars and boutiques. Pulling from a wide network of artists, Dissentia Curatorial Services has found artists of high caliber willing to place their artwork outside of the gallery structure. Included in this exhibition will be: Christopher Macan, who will be using a polaroid transfer technique for his photographs on some non-traditional surfaces; Nick Cassway, who will be presenting portraits made with stencils and spray paint and placed in alleyways and sidewalks; Alyse Bernstein, who will be presenting lithographs using the classic greek motif as it appears on diner coffee cups. Other participating artists include: David Gerbstadt, Dan Schimmel, David Dworanczyk, Trishy Gdowik, Jody Sweitzer, James Rosenthal, Kyle Cassidy, Linda Harris, Mick Ricerto, Ed Dormer and Marc Manning

Armed only with pencils, cluesheets and thought
participants will search for the art that is sought
finding all twenty pieces will bring forth a prize
the booty’s a mystery, a secret, a surprise

On Friday, October 5th, cluesheets and pencils will be handed out to the First Friday going public. Finding all twenty pieces will be a challenge, there is no map provided, instead the curators have cooked up 20 clues, written solely in rhyme, that will point the way to the locales of the artwork. Identifying the locations of all the artwork on your cluesheet and then sending it back to the curators will make you a prize winner (the prize, however, is a mystery, but they are sure it will be a coveted item.) The treasure hunt will last for the entire month of October. The cluesheet is also available on the website.

Art for the public! dissentia declares
give art to the people, make them awares
people have stolen from us, and seen art in the potty
national attention, our reputation’s not spotty

With treasure hunt, Dissentia Curatorial Services is continuing their commitment to making art audience accessible. Although the artwork will not be easy to find, Dissentia hopes to capture the spirit of competition amongst the public and make the viewing of art an engaging experience.

Dissentia’s past shows have included: “Steal this Show”, an exhibition where all the artwork was available for theft (which also garnered national attention); “100 paintings for 100 bathrooms”, an exhibition curating art into the bathrooms of Philadelphia Fringe Festival Venues in 1999; and “Art2u”, an installation and sale of the artwork priced under 50 dollars held in the back of a roving rental truck.

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