treasure hunt

So, here's the deal, we had planned on hanging David Gerbstadt's piece from the overpass of I-95 at the end of Arch Street where it intersects Front Street. All was going well, until, well, the cops came.

the piece was very well secured to the column up there,
Chris had thrown a couple of anchor bolts in and wired it nice and tight,
it wasn't going anywhere.

"ya can't just hang art from anywhere, ya need a permit,
plus ya might get yerself killed or somethin'", mused the police officer

scary bunch, huh, wouldn't want to meet them in a back alley
(these pictures are courtesy of dissentia artist Kyle Cassidy, by the way)

so up Chris went to remove the art, if he had finished
just two minutes earlier this would've never happened
some of the cops liked it though

Chris just got a warning, next time, we go to L&I

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