technology show

As new technologies have emerged, artists have sought to understand, control and utilize them to create an extension of their being. We have seen this throughout the ages with mediums that are now part of our common dialogue of artists: The use of steel tools to carve wood and marble; the scientific power to create paints and extract color from nature; and the technical concepts of printed materials. These are all mediums that at one point were mere tools that helped society to progress into enlightenment that artists have taken to create beauty.
At our current place in time we are once again being presented with a new technology, the computer and the global network. We are quite familiar with how these technologies can help make our lives easier and now, undoubtedly, we are progressing as a society. But, what of the ability to utilize this technology to create artwork? We have seen artwork that is digitized or 2 dimensional pictures created on computer screens, but this does not address the issue defining these new tools as an artmaking medium. Programmers speak of beautifully written code, but these people may not consider themselves artists, there are, however, others that use this as their art making form. Our aim is to take artists who possess strong technical knowledge and an artistic passion and put on display, in whatever capacity, the fruits of their labor. As an example, we choose the concept of an electronic virus that does not do harm to other systems, it is harmless, yet it infiltrates into the general public and enlightens the unknowing receiver with its own charm.
We will be inviting and seeking proposals from interested parties for this show to create work in formats that exist as programs, viruses, web pages, robotics, electronic devices, games and other forms that may be at this point indefinable.

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