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If imitation is a form of flattery,
than theft must surely be the highest.

As a sure hangover cure for the post -consumerist holiday frenzy, Dissentia Curatorial Services presented , 'Steal this Show' on February 2nd, 2000 at Vox Populi Gallery. There was nothing that you can buy, but the art could be easily procured by anyone with the nerve and skill to surreptitiously take it. All we hoped was that the pieces werel thefted only by those who truly covet them and are able to display them.

What did we want in return? Only that the theives mail the stamped postcard affixed to the back of their newest acquisition and confess, "Why did you steal this piece of art?" They didn't even need to sign your name. Confessions were then posted on the our website along with an image of the work now in their possession.

This exhibit further explored one of Dissentia's founding principals - that art should be a democratic experience; everyone should have access to it and be able to own it. "'Steal this Show' was a way for us to push that envelope," said Chris Wilson. "We wanted to make it possible for everyone to acquire works of art, to live with them and learn of their real value."