participating artists

outhouse no.1
Deborah Katon
- As a child, I would sit on the toilet in my parents bathroom with my feet dangling above the floor and i would try on my fathers glasses -
outhouse no.2
Liz Goldberg
- All of my figures are on the throne, holding court, and occupied: major expressions when one views my work in outhouse/inhouse -
outhouse no.3
Nick Cassway
- When I was a 8, I did a drawing based on a favorite movie of mine (Smokey and the Bandit), complete with narrative. This drawing hangs in my parents downstairs bathroom. My younger brother can recite the narrative by heart. I believe that the bathroom is one of the few places where one’s mind can be truly at rest, and that installing art in the bathroom allows the viewing public a chance to absorb all that is being presented-
outhouse no.4
Hiro Sakaguchi
- “a painting for Mr. Mutt” is based on my grandfather’s poem and his collage from a “bonsai” calendar that hung on the bathroom wall in his house. I created the image on canvas, the calligraphy of the poem was done by Toshiko Sakaguchi: a calligrapher and my mother. The calligraphy was transefered onto the canvas via projector. It took three generations to make this painting. Marcel Duchamp’s “fountain” gave me inspiration for this piece. -
outhouse no.5
C.E. Amato
- no comment -
outhouse no.6
Chris Wilson
-Outhouse/Inhouse is for me a chance to to put forth an artistic work that can be seen, felt, heard and smelled. A piece that can be walked into and touched during some of the show, and locked during other moments, only available for peering. A dual use outhouse, Some times open, sometimes closed. Naughty or nice, attractive or appalling, you may decide.-

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