the Button Project
deborah katon

"dummy" official entry
"kotter and fonz"
"red rambo"

As a sculptor I work in different genres; installation, video sculpture, public works and, computer generated photographs to name a few. I investigate similar issues in each of these formats. I bring awareness to specific social issues by mimicking pop culture, and am most concerned with gender related issues.

Public commissions serve as a way for me to reach different audiences. I am challenged to capture my viewer and speak to him/her on multiple levels. They also allow me to work in a larger scale which is a physical activity that I fully enjoy.

My installations are dominated by my love for object making. I employ a range of materials such as glass, cast aluminum, plaster, fabric, ceramics, video and most recently, ice. I use these objects in conjunction with readymades to set up a dialogue. My intention is to give them individual personality and have them interact amongst themselves and with the viewer. I am interested in the relationships they form by my arrangement, and the way people relate to the presentation. I am selective with my objects in order to control what they say.

I use these same objects and situations when designing a computer photograph. The photograph chosen for the Fringe Festival button “Dummy” is a found object, a pacifier, or a dummy as they are called in England and Australia. I chose this object for its obvious fallic association juxtaposed against its real life function as a baby’s false nipple.