the Button Project
hiro n. sakaguchi

"40" official entry
"sushi garnish"

As I understand, the Fringe is an art festival which shows art that does not fit normal criteria or main stream. In another word, the Fringe is an anti-elite kind of art festivity.

I picked a 40 oz beer bottle ,wrapped in a brown bag for the image of the fringe button. The object is often seen as an eye sore on the street. People have drank them and left them on the street. By painting a 40oz bottle wrapped in brown bag, I enjoy the process of an eye sore becoming an art work. Some people drink expensive wine. Some drink a 40 oz beer. What is the difference? When my friend Nick Casway asked me to do this button project, the beer bottle became an icon of fringe spirit in my head.

I am also showing several paintings of 40's in my solo show " I Paint" in November at Nexus (137 n. 2nd street, philadelphia)