the Button Project
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tom mazzullo kyle cassidy marc manning nick cassway deborah katon hir n. sakaguchi dissentia curatorial services david gerbstadt chris wilson brian petro tom mazzullo kyle cassidy marc manning nick cassway

The Button Project was a show consisting of 10 artist's work curated onto buttons distributed at the philadelphia fringe festival venues. Dissentia Curatorial Services creates shows that are about putting art into unique situations which they hope the audience at large will feel comfortable in the experience of coexisting with the artwork. The Button Project works with this theme. Patrons of the fringe festival can own an original piece of art for "free", just by purchasing a button. Since there there were 10 original images for the fringe buttons, these buttons became coveted items

see the official button project poster
we made the front page of the Philadelphia City Paper(08.30.2000)
here's an article about the button project from the summer(scroll down to the bottom)