On Friday, April 2, 1999, Dissentia Curatorial Services rolled out their newest offering, art2u. The curators, Nick Cassway and Chris Macan-Wilson, installed the work of nine artists in a rental truck. This one-night mobile gallery opened on the streets of Olde City, Philadelphia.






Dissentia Curatorial Services’ founding principal is that art should be a democratic experience; everyone should have access to it and everyone should be able to own it. In an attempt to make art appreciation and acquisition an affordable experience, the curators requested that the work, all created by professional artists, be sold for $50 or less.
art2u artists include Brian Petro, David Holbrook, Chris Macan-Wilson, Adrian Camacho, Nick Cassway, Corey Weiser, David Michael Gerbstadt, Kyle Cassidy and Jordan Cassway.

Gallery of Artwork Documentation Media